Leveraging our professional experience and our partnership with Huzza Alpha Borealis, we work with clients to solve their strategic problems. We have engaged on a wide range of topics, growth and value proposition; digital strategy and developing digital tools; organization. If we are passionate about the challenge and we have the opportunity to add value, we are the right partner.


Help building new business focused on sustainability and thinking about the future. We help strategically on the go to market and we invest for growth. Areas of interest: Clean water, sustainable farming and agricultural solutions; and new medical solutions.


We use our extensive network to provide the best access to commodities in need, Directly from producers, a World with economical food and energy. Leveraging the vast experience of its shareholders we have built a global network of partners that ensure clients with direct access to the sources though a streamlined process.


We support investors on large scale investment projects. We help build society for the better. We provide thought partnership on the strategy and value proposition and we work on doing the business case for the investment.


From, the most advanced mask in the world, to B-Pure Tech, the organic chemical solution to keep us safe. We invest on developing solutions when there are no good options available.